Sharon and Erin,
Founders of TreCeuticals

We’re two great friends and retired businesswomen who are extremely passionate about sisterhood, inclusiveness, the environment and giving back to our communities.  We are on a mission to create simplified skincare that ACTUALLY WORKS. Over the years we’ve grown tired of trying different brands that don’t live up to their promise. Our goal was to create products that are effective for all skin types, simple to use and delivered right to your door! 

TreCeuticals was founded in late 2019 and launched during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Certainly not what we intended but quitting was not an option. It was clear to us that we could push through every single obstacle every single day because we’re committed to this journey. We gathered the right resources and together we launched a game changing brand. Giving back is extremely important to us so we created our Brand Advocate program. Team Tre is a community of like-minded passionate people who want to share TreCeuticals with their family and friends while earning a generous commission. A little extra income in these difficult times.

Together with our partner, Dr. Paul Holden, Facial Plastic Surgeon, we took the three scientifically proven active ingredients – retinol, hydroxy acids and antioxidants, and formulated them at medical grade levels to give you the results you want in just three simple steps, three minutes a day. The Power of Three! To really make TreCeuticals a game-changer, we went one step further and combined science with nature by adding high quality CBD to every product. This is  what sets us apart from other skincare products on the market.

As a company we are passionate about our core values – honesty, integrity, transparency, giving back to our community and responsibly sourcing everything in the USA! It’s our promise to always deliver the highest quality, most effective, medical grade products to your door, because taking care of your skin should be easy! We know, because we made it that way.

Cheers to the best skin ever!  Sharon & Erin

Meet the Expert Behind TreCeuticals

Paul K. Holden, M.D. is one of a select few board-certified head and neck surgeons and specialty-trained facial cosmetic (plastic) surgeons in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a trusted leader in his field, Dr. Holden has educated many other doctors on his techniques of facial plastic surgery. He has authored several plastic surgery book chapters. Additionally, Dr. Holden has published research in many areas of the face and neck, including cartilage reshaping, the use of lasers in surgery of the face and neck, and advanced techniques for surgery of the face and neck, as well as for injecting  dermal fillers with precision for maximum effect and natural results.